The Oponganda Centre accommodates various charity and welfare organisations including Early Childhood Development, Disability and Religious organisations. A recent improvement is a pre-cast concrete wall (the wall) around the Centre adding value, safety, security and privacy to the complex and the children, all from surrounding areas and less privileged communities. To prevent unwanted graffiti and to bolster the income of the Centre advertising space is made available on the outside of the wall around the complex.
Terms and Conditions 1 . Interested parties (Advertisers) are invited to advertise their products and services on the outside of the perimeter wall of the Oponganda Centre. 2 . The perimeter wall consists of pre-cast concrete panels made up of seven slabs each, placed on top of each other and joined by concrete poles (uprights) (See image below) 3 . Panel dimensions : 1 400mm (Width) x 2 100mm (height) 4 . Pole Width : 100mm 5 . Number of Panels per Wall: 1 . Eastern Wall (Str. View) : 26 2 . Southern Wall : 40 3. Western Wall (Entr.View) : 12 (on right hand side of main entrance) : 2 (on left hand side of main entrance) 6. Advertising space will be available as follows 1. Panel allocation : To be agreed and on a first come first serve basis 2. Number of Panels : Minimum two (three are recommended) 3. Period of Agreement : Two-year Periods (1 st of March – 28 February) with the option to renew thereafter 4. Costs : N$ 1 750.00 per panel per year (or part thereof if started before the 1 st of March) 5. Payment : Yearly in advance on or before 1 st of March by EFT 6. Escalation : To be agreed upon after each two-year cycle 7. Advertisements 1 . The Advertiser will be responsible for the placement and costs of his advertisement 2 . Advertisements will be painted on the walls with high quality, durable paint 3 . No physical structures or parts will form part of the advertisement 4 . All advertisements will comply with Municipal laws and bylaws and normally accepted ethical standards 5 . Poles between panels of the same advertisement are part of the advertising space and should be painted as such 6 . Poles between two different advertisements will remain unpainted