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Oponganda Pre-School & DayCare
1. Admission Policy Admission is open to any child and does not depend on race, gender, religion or culture. Children with special needs can be admitted provided they are able to cope with the daily routine. The Oponganda Pre-School & DayCare does not support any one denomination or religion. In order to thrive on the benefits of the Montessori pre-primary education the best entry age is between 2½ to 3½ years. It is recommended that children be fully toilet trained before enrolling. Enrolment for children over age 4 is determined by spaces available, balance of ages and genders as well as an interview with the parents and a visit by the child to the classroom. In addition to our Pre-Primary classroom we offer a toddler environment. The entry age for them is 18 months. The toddler's toilet training is part of the programme and is done in cooperation with the parents. The transition from the toddlers to the pre-school environment is a gradual process according to the child's readiness and does not happen on a fixed date. The Oponganda Pre-School & DayCare offers open enrolment year-round, based on availability. 2. Admission Procedure Interested parents are kindly requested to adhere to the following procedure: 1. First information about availability, fee structures, opening times etc can be obtained from our office. 2. If you wish to apply for admission you are required to fill in the admission form. 3. A first visit of the parents together with their child is compulsory. It is also an opportunity for the teacher to get to know the child a little bit. 4. The application is put into the waiting pool. As soon as the school can offer you a space you will be informed. 5. In order to secure the space for your child the payment of the deposit is due as soon as you receive the information that a space is available for your child. The deposit is non-refundable. 6. With your assistance we would like to make your child's transition from home to school as smooth and easy as possible. In order to give optimal care from the start we would like you to give us information on your child's general development, particular interests, likes and dislikes habits etc. 7. The school must be informed about any special health problems (e.g. food allergies, asthma) in writing. __________________________________________________________________________ The admission form can be obtained from the school's office. It is the parent responsibility to provide us with correct data and immediately inform the school of any changes thereof. Correct telephone and/or cell phone numbers are vital in case of an emergency.