As part of their third-year training, to prepare students for entry-level generalist practitioners, Student Social Workers (SSW) from the University of Namibia are required to conduct Community Work within the Grysblock Community. In this community, the SSWs seek to assist the Oponganda Pre-Primary and Day Care with issues affecting the school. The project will include extending networks in finding sponsors or obtaining discounts to purchase paint, recruiting of community members/ parents in scrapping old paint off and the painting of the container and involving the children at the Oponganda Pre-primary in painting hand prints on the container. As an extra activity in combating COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Social Workers seek to raise awareness through the creation of posters designed coherently with the children at school for the school. Despite the Student Social Workers initiatives in trying to obtain sponsorships for paint and equipment’s, the anticipated objection entails that sponsorship is not guaranteed and the likelihood of little support from community members or parents to participate in the project. However, the students will make use of their Social Work skills and roles in bringing the needed change. Vicky Nautoro & Zia de Klerk ( 3 rd Year Student Social Workers)